The Roanoke Island Inn

The Roanoke Island Inn, Manteo?


By Lauren Borland

When people call the inn looking for information, 2 questions are asked more than any others.

1 - How do you pronounce Manteo? Is it Man-tay-oh? Man-tee-oh? MAN-teo? I am unsure what is actually correct, but visiting here my whole life and now living here among the locals and natives, it is Manny-o.

Now that we have cleared that up, the next question requires a bit more explanation:

The Roanoke Island Inn, Five Outer Banks Beaches to Explore

Five Outer Banks Beaches to Explore

By Lauren Borland

With over 100 miles of coastline, visiting the beaches of the Outer Banks can be fun and exciting….and also a bit overwhelming! Each beach and town has it’s own personality and flare, so we have complied a list of some our of favorites! The Roanoke is situated almost perfectly in the middle of the Outer Banks, making a great launching pad to explore all the different beaches our area has to offer! 

The Roanoke Island Inn, Roanoke Island In Bloom

Roanoke Island in Bloom

By Lauren Borland

It was a long and unusually cold and snowy winter for us here on Roanoke Island, but I *think* we have FINALLY broken free of Old Man Winter's cold grip. Spring is in the air and lots of exciting things are going on at The Roanoke - flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, The Bungalow is OPEN and our Spring Special (stay 3 nights, get the 4th night free) is running all month! 

The Roanoke Island Inn, New Owners, New Website...Same Great Inn!

New Owners, New Website...same Great Inn!

By Lauren Borland

Hello and welcome to our revamped website and blog! We are so excited and happy to have you here. If you follow us on Facebook, you might already know that my name is Lauren and a couple months ago my husband Jason and I purchased The Inn and relocated our family to Manteo, NC. This blog will be a space for you to see what is happening in town and around the inn, and also to keep with up with us on our new adventure of running a business with 2 toddlers and 2 dogs in tow! Here is a little more about our family…